The Language of Music, the Artist and the Musician

Music is a wonderful language given to our planet. A characteristic of language development, which is, the more you hear, study, mimic and use it, applies to music and the many songs available to our ears. The more you take in by listening, researching, mimicking, practicing and performing, the more you’ll be able to add to your music language and articulate those"dialects" or style differences found within the art of music. It gives your more options to chose.


There are so many details and expressions in music that, for the serious music language student, they will find that music is not a job but is apart of their spiritual being. It is a life lived. It is not just a language, but it is the person.

The artist, and the musician, then are those who seek to uncover those many expressions for which we all can better understand all that is before us as a people, while also enjoying what has been given.

New 4 Song EP Album "Right Now" Released Today!

It's here, "Right Now," my latest album release. Since my debut "Sunrise" I've been working hard in the music world, and personally. In between that time I've been writing. I wasn't ready to put out full length album. These songs were crafted during my 5 year journey as a solo artist. 

Many of you have heard me perform most of these songs live. Now you can enjoy them everywhere you go. Thank you all for your amazing support. See ya on the road.


Purchase CD or digital of Sunrise at the link below. Coming to itunes, apple music, spotify, amazon and other markets soon!




I have to thank the teenage mutant ninja turtles for releasing their Coming Out Of Our Shells album, back in the 90s. No doubt their music lends inspiration to my own music. 

I believe their love for pizza also transformed my life. 

 Inspiration, is one of the things I love about songwriting. It can be something very tiny, yet becomes this beautiful story which then inspires others. 

I have a song, I'll eventually record, inspired by a porch light. 

It's these little fragmented parts of life, I love to capture in writing. Their little part in the world can be the source to guide you home: to a place full of love, life, and inspiration.